Kodak discontinues all slide films

It’s a sad day for analog photographers, Kodak discontinues all of their slide film..! I never use Kodak slide film anyway but feel sad nonetheless. Nothing we can do.. let’s just move on..! Anyway a bit obituary for Kodak slide film… :

Long time ago when computer is not yet invented and God is yet to send Bill gates or Steve Jobs to earth… Some people need the best medium to present their ideas to convince other people. Their best bet is color reversal film which also called positive film. Its producec positive (picture like) image film. If you do not understand what I am talking about here is the  illustration of different type films:

Source: wikipedia

  • A: Positive film, you can see the real picture from the film, without print it.
  • B: Negative film (You see funny color in the film), have to print it to see the picture
  • C: B/W Print
  • D: Negative B/W film

To use positive film for presentation, one need a strong light source to project the image to the wall to make it bigger. As this is not a movie (moving picture), each individual film need to be mounted to a special plastic holder and place it in the device called carousel. A positive film on plastic mount called “slide”, may be because it will “slides” smoothly (in this time standard) replacing the previous frame if we advance the carousel.

Here is the picture of slide and carousel and  how to project it…

A Slide, source: wikipedia

Slide, Carousel and Projector

If we take out the slide and carousel from the top of the projector, you will see that the device resemble today’s infocus, Yes it indeed this is the grand daddy of our presentation slides..! This device becoming “a standard” presentation tool up until 80’s. during those time, Kodak is the biggest player in this market, they make a lot of money from film and also the devices. Many analog photographers especially nature and landscape photographer love the positive film. The color is just beautiful which negative film have a hard time to reproduce.

And then, Digital age is coming, computer is becoming smaller, Film slide replaced by digital slide, and Carousel replaced by Powerpoint and Keynote. That is the end of the Kodak carousel. Film slide still have strong market support from enthusiast photographer, the market is never big but declining and I think now the market is only enough for one player only,  Kodak decided to throw the towel and step out from the ring.

As one said, One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor, we can understand Kodak decisions to delete their slide from their product line. It just too expensive to produce without much value to general customer.

Thank you and Good bye Kodak slide you served us well… 🙂 here is a song dedicated for you…

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