Car free day

Car free day: in once a month Jl. Sudirman (may be equivalent of wallstreet in NY), is closed for any kind of car except busway (public transport). Anything without an engine is a fair game. Its always fun to go to car free day seems that they are enjoying the free-day their own free-way…

Cycling and jogging is the most popular activity during Car free day

Some teenage boys are showing off their skills, this one is not easy… Jumping with your bike, require a lot of muscle coordination.

Yap… Horse riding is OK too… see the envy look from the kids… :), they bring an electric cart to clean up the horses poo

Bring your old bike with matching clothes, and you will steal the sow

Its a perfect day to practice your skills controlling ball

Look pop.. no feet..!

O..O… I smell trouble… Angry mom is scary, that kid probably won’t get her pocket allowance in a week…. 🙂

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One thought on “Car free day

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